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We’re happy to announce our membership  MERLIN Global Independent Digital.

Merlin represents by far the most commercially significant set of rights outside of the three major labels. Their 800+ members represent tens of thousands of labels from 53 countries and release music by the world’ s most innovative and important artists. Their remit is to add value to the global digital marketplace by ensuring that independents have a vehicle to enhance their ability to compete in the ever-changing world of digital music as well as to protect the value of their rights.

We repost this interesting article from their website:
Merlin, the global digital rights agency for the independent label sector, is proud to present its10th Anniversary Impact Report.

The free downloadable publication draws uniquely upon case studies and contributions from independent labels and distributors worldwide.  As well as a foreword from Alice Enders (Enders Analysis), new data findings and trends from 2018’s Merlin membership survey, and testimonies from leading digital music services about Merlin’s lynchpin role in protecting the value of independent music.

The report bookmarks Merlin’s first decade in business, and seeks to better explain how the agency’s unique structure and licensing model has enabled independent labels to thrive and compete in the digital music market – as well as a greater understanding of how music streaming has transformed the commercial dynamics of recorded music, and unlocked the true value of independent repertoire in an expanding global marketplace.

They represent more than 20,000 independent labels across 55 territories. Collectively, they account for more than 12% of the global digital recorded music market.

The report, which can be downloaded here, is accompanied by a new video to celebrate Merlin’s 10th anniversary.

More info:

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