giovanni puocci

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Giovanni was born in Formia in June 9th, 1984. At the age of five years had the first contact with music. He studied the instrument with the same passion with which his peers are dedicated to childhood games. Giovanni begins as a keyboardist accompanying a local musical band . The electronic keyboard became his favorite instrument , but to explore the best of his musical experience also plays the drums, E-Bass, electric and acoustic guitar . It is prepared for entrance to the Conservatory in Germany ( ” Folkswangenschule ” ) as a composer and chooses the plan and voice as instruments of study, but then converges all his efforts to SFT ” School for Audio Engineer”. In 2003 he graduated as a Sound Engineer & Music Producer in Germany. One of his professor impressed by its sound capabilities suggests to participate in a project with other students composing music for pupils directors. He wrote the composition for the film “I know early to become old … ” Anaya Kellogg and had a good first impression . Currently he devoted himself to composing orchestral music for Film and TV.