Gravity Of sound

Gravity Of Sound

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Francesco Persia was born in Rome in 1983. He began studying the piano and after this first important musical step, he discovered electric guitar at the age of fourteen. In the following years, he started his career as musician/songwriter playing live music and doing studio projects as producer/composer with a big commitment. In 2005 his rising passion for audio engineering brought him to learn all the secrets of this world including recordings, sound designing, mixing, mastering, editing and cinema/TV post production techniques. Over the years, his many works as sound engineer helped him to improve all the skills and to increase all the required knowledge very quickly. Francesco Persia is now working in a big Italian company called “Augustus Color” as Pro Tools Operator, Re-Recording Mixer Assistant, Dialogue Editor, Sound Engineer, ADR Engineer.

Francesco Tripaldi, born in 1983, fell in love with music when he was very young thanks to a good friend that gave him the early tapes and CDs. He started to play bass at the age of seventeen in some rock bands growing up as musician and as performer in the Italian underground rock scene. Throughout his career he had the chance to collaborate with a lot of artists and musicians in both live and studio sessions. He collected several different experiences in the creative process of making music and due to his learning abilities he was able to develop his knowledge, his sensibility as composer/arranger and his awareness as songwriter/lyricist. Francesco Tripaldi is currently writing and producing new music and he’s still playing live shows across Europe.