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Paolo Russo

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Born in Pescara, Italy, in 1969, based in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1996. He started to play the piano at the age of 9. After leaving the University, where he studied Architecture for 5 years, Paolo dedicated himself completely to music. He is educated both in classical music and in rhythmic music. He has performed all all around Europe, as well as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Japan, Faroe Islands, Thailandia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Algeria, Russia, USA, Greenland and Cuba. He studied music in New York with Richie Beirach and in Buenos Aires with Néstor Marconi, and collaborated with many local and international artists, including Lelo Nika, Gianluigi Trovesi, Pablo Ziegler, Caroline Henderson, Howe Gelb, Stefano Bollani, Paolo Fresu, Nico Gori, Bo Stief, Etta Cameron, Line Kruse, Thomas Clausen, Robertinho Silva, Diego Figueiredo, Marilyn Mazur, Poul Krebs, Jesper Bodilsen, Emanuele Cisi, Eliel Lazo, Diego Schissi, Calixto Oviedo, Karima Nayt. Paolo has composed music for theatre plays in Copenhagen: “Rejsen til i morgen” and “Pan” – Anemone Teatret “ 2000/2002, “Frimærkeballet” – Bådteatret – 2001/02. Since he discovered the bandoneón, in 2001, this beautiful and mysterious instrument has become crucial in his productions and live performances. In 2002 he was the main subject (together with his wife, Katrine Krog Russo) for the documentary film “The illogical instrument”, directed by Arun Sharma. He composed and produced soundtracks for the movies “See you in the future” and “Polizzi, my little Brooklyn” by Camilla Roos Overbye. His bandoneón playing can be also appreciated on the soundtrack of the movie “Love is all you need”, by Danish film director Susanne Bier (2012). In 2012, together with the Danish producer Mikkel Maltha, he made the new soundtrack of the popular Danish sit-com “Klovn” – netflix version.