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creating a history of great music of great musicians

A label, a musical thought shaped by a lifelong passion. Tosky Records is an Italian Jazz label, based in Rome and founded in 2010.

From significant records with renowned names to completely unknown artists, the label aims at conveying a truly unique passion that continues to deliver great music and supports artists in their growth, regardless of their future path. Tosky Records is specialized in Jazz music and Sound Libraries. Currently, its projects are digitally and physically distributed and marketed all over the world thanks to digital partners and great distribution companies such as UVM Distribution, GoodFellas Distribution, Gats Production, Herbie Martin MusicSanch Electronix, Europe RCD, Amazon, Jazzos, CD Baby, Believe Digital, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.

Tosky-editorial-paths_yellow   Jazz (Mainstream)

As already mentioned, we are an Italian Mainstream Jazz label, but we conceive the Mainstream Jazz as music without temporal boundaries. It’s about something different from today’s jazz that unfortunately has been too tainted by the new tendencies of northern Europe styles, having totally lost the sense of swing, pulse, drive. We firmly believe that in those years the most beautiful pages of Jazz were written. Tosky Records loves to work with new talents and famous names of the Italian and the International Jazz scene.

Tosky-editorial-paths_yellow   Jazz (New Expression)

Projects included in this new collection are high-value projects, definitely based on jazz music, but with a wide reach towards more electric and more contemporary sounds, sometimes using samples and sound effects. It is about an increasingly experimental and contemporary line, called New Expression. We gave birth to this editorial line to publish projects of high artistic content, although they have a very different connotation than the Mainstream Jazz line. Thus, our world revolves around jazz music, but we love music as a whole, bearing in mind the current value of influences, just as Miles Davis being captivated during his electric period.

Tosky-editorial-paths_red   Sound Libraries (Music)

Music libraries play an important role in video synchronizations for cinema and TV shows. The aim is to give a voice to images and frames, in order for them to establish a more powerful communication and gain a deeper meaning. TV stations, operators, editors and directors can take advantage of this varied catalog to match the perfect soundscapes according to their needs.

Tosky-editorial-paths_red   Sound Libraries (Sound Effects)

Sound Libraries line is structured into a specific collection for Sound Effects. It is called “Project Effects Libraries”, it is recorded and managed internally with Avid ProTools at a sample rate of 192Khz and 24bit resolution, with a wide choice among different microphones, in order to ensure the best quality and flexibility. These libraries are designed and recorded by Tosky Records.

Tosky-editorial-paths_red   AI Duets

“AI Duets” an innovative editorial line where human creativity and artificial intelligence converge to redefine music. Our inaugural single marks the beginning of an era where melodies are not just heard, but felt in a symphony of collaboration. Discover the future of sound with “AI Duets” – orchestrating a new harmony between the composer’s spirit and the algorithm’s edge.

Giorgio Lovecchio
Thomas Treta
Cosimo Trimboli
Patrizio Parisi

Roberto Panucci
Davide Susa
Francesca Cesari
Khmara Maksym
Alessio Lagana’

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