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creating a history of great music of great musicians

A label, a musical thought with one’s own life. Tosky Records is an Italian Mainstream Jazz label, located in Rome and founded in 2010 by Giorgio Lovecchio and Davide Belcastro.

From significant records with famous names to completely unknown artists, we want to express a truly unique passion that continues to deliver great music and follow the artists in their growth regardless of where it will lead them. We see the world as a place where music is a unifying force that connects us all.  We are indipendent, we produce italian mainstream Jazz and Music Libraries productions.

Tosky Records projects are distributed and sell all over the world, on the online store, also digitally and physically distributed by digital partners and great distribution companies such as UVM Distribution, GoodFellas Distribution, Gats Production, Herbie Martin MusicSanch Electronix, Europe RCD, Amazon, Jazzos, CD Baby, Believe Digital, Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify.

Tosky-editorial-paths_yellow   Jazz (Mainstream)

We said we are an italian mainstream jazz label, but here we mean the Mainstream Jazz as a music without boundaries of the historical period. Something different from today’s jazz that unfortunately has been too tainted by the new tendencies of northern Europe styles, that have totally lost the sense of swing, pulsation, “drive”. We firmly believe that in those years the most beautiful pages of Jazz were written. Tosky Records loves to work with new talents and famous names of Italian and International Jazz scene.

Tosky-editorial-paths_yellow   Jazz (New Expression)

Projects contained in this new collection are high-value projects with a plant based music definitely jazz but with far-reaching towards new sounds, more electric, more contemporary sometimes with use of samples and sound effects. A more experimental and contemporary line called New Expressions. We decided to start this editorial line to allow the publication of projects of high artistic content even if they have a very different connotation from the Mainstream Jazz line. So, our world is Jazz music but we love music and we understand today the value of influences, as well as Miles Davis was fascinated during his electrical period.

Tosky-editorial-paths_red   Sound Libraries (Music)

Music Libraries have an important role in video synchronizations for cinema and TV shows. TV stations, operators, editors and directors can grab from this diversified-theme catalogue to match the perfect soundscapes for their jobs. Music Libraries start with titles “MUSIC FOR …”

Tosky-editorial-paths_red   Sound Libraries (Sound Effects)

Sound Libraries line is divided into a collection specialized in Sound Effects. We called them “Project Effects Libraries” recorded and managed internally in Avid ProTools at a sample rate of 192Khz and 24bit resolution with the possibility to choose through different microphones used to ensure the best quality and flexibility. These libraries are designed and recorded by Tosky Records. SFX Libraries start start with titles “SOUNDS FOR …”

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