Best Mainstream Jazz – Vol.1

Tosky Records first editorial line is a discovery that finds its origins in a well-defined jazz musical period, fervent and fascinating, full of productions that will prove themself crucial to the history of this music. New talents and famous names of Italian and international extraction.

Jazz New Expression – Vol.1

New editorial line for Tosky Records called ‘New Expressions’. Projects contained in this new collection are high-value projects with a plant based music definitely jazz but with far-reaching towards new sounds, more electric, more contemporary sometimes with use of samples and sound effects.

Jazz Ballads Vol.1

We’re proud to present here some of our best Jazz Ballads played and composed by our artists. This playlist mixes songs from all our catalogue from the Mainstream collection to New Expression lines. Warm, slow, elegant and smooth vibes for a perfect relaxing and romantic moments.

Fast Jazz – Tosky Records

A super selection of the fastest tracks (starting from 140 bpm) from Tosky Records catalog. The playlist includes both songs from the Mainstream line and songs from the Jazz New Expression line. Brilliant vibes getting more energies with the help of jazz music.

Singles 2010-2022

Experience the Tosky Records journey with curated singles from 2010. Discover the concept behind each album. Immerse yourself in the musical journey of Tosky Records with our carefully curated collection of singles from soulful ballads to upbeat anthems.

AI Duets (new)

Generative audio is a remarkable concept that we at Tosky Records have been keen to explore. It is where the artistry of human musicianship meets the precision of artificial intelligence to create an ever-evolving soundscape.