Production Music

Music Libraries play an important role in video synchronizations for cinema and any kind of TV show. The aim is to give a voice to images and frames, in order for them to establish a more powerful communication and gain a deeper meaning. TV stations, editors and directors can take advantage of this varied catalogue to match the perfect soundscapes according to their needs.
Since July 1st 2017  part of Tosky Records production music catalogue is handled and published by FlipperMusic Srl .

Old catalogue listed here:
TK001 Music For Feature Films 1 (Dimitris Polychroniadis)
TSK005 Music For Different Spaces (Stefano Isola)
TSK010 Music For Feature Films 2 (Giovanni Puocci)
TSK017 Music For Cinematic Rock (Gravity of Sound)
TSK022 Music For Elegance & Love (Marco Guidolotti Quartet)
TSK023 Music For Action & Night Lights (Gravity of Sound)
TSK027 Cinematic Vibes From The 80s (Tony Lombardo)
TSK028 The last duel (Alessandro Rubichi)
TSK030 Future Soundtracks (Philippe Mazzeo)

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