Production Music

Music Libraries have an important role in video synchronizations for cinema and any kind of video show. TV stations, operators and editors can grab from this diversified-theme catalogue to match the perfect soundscapes for their jobs. Starting July 1st 2017  Tosky Records production music catalogue is published and handled by FlipperMusic Srl .

Old catalogue listed here:
TK001 Music For Feature Films 1 (Dimitris Polychroniadis)
TSK005 Music For Different Spaces (Stefano Isola)
TSK010 Music For Feature Films 2 (Giovanni Puocci)
TSK017 Music For Cinematic Rock (Gravity of Sound)
TSK022 Music For Elegance & Love (Marco Guidolotti Quartet)
TSK023 Music For Action & Night Lights (Gravity of Sound)

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