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This website is optimized to work with almost the totality of screen sizes and resolution. Necessarily in the phone screen you may look different items positions in comparison with tablet and desktop layouts.

Of course. if you buy the physical CD album we grant you access to digital download of that album (only Mp3 not Hi-Res version). You have to log to your account. Please, don’t share Mp3 with other people.

We do the opportunity to send us your musical project (we show our submission e-mail account in the About Page), but in counterpart if you send us your material to be submitted we take your email to send updates about our website, offers and concerts. Anyway, you can cancel at anytime using the Cancel Button in the footer of our newsletter.


We have 3 different zones: Local Zone, EU Zone, Outside EU zone.For each of these zones we have 2 shipping methods:

Express Shipping  (it takes 48/72/96 h depends)
Standard Shipping  (it takes 5 to 10 days)


Actually you can pay safely using 3 methods:
We prefer and suggest you to use Apple Pay or Paypal methods that are very comfortable, secure and fast. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can create a new free account here: https://paypal.com
In this way is very simply to associate your credit card with your Paypal account.

Yes. We use the https protocol with a SSL certificate. Be sure to see a grey lock in the address bar of your browser when navigating this site.

You will receive a download link in the Complete Order email. Remember to pay your order, otherwise you will never receive any emails. If you encount any problem with download links, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: customercare@toskyrecords.com


Do you want to listen to the original High Resolution 24bit session audio without any digital downsampling? Now you can buy and immediately download your Hi-Res audio format. (formats available: .wav 96.000Hz/24bit, 88.200Hz/24bit, 48.000Hz/24bit). Simply choose your desire format close to the Add to Cart button.

*not all the titles in catalogue are available in this format

No Panic. We use Amazon S3 platform to stock our digital catalogue. Please use the RESUME button of your browser to retrieve your interrupted downloads.

*due to the large amount fo spaces needed by some kind of digital items such as Hi-Res Albums. you may lost the connection during the download process. 
If you need assistance please contact: