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FAQ – General questions

How could I submit my project to Tosky Records?
– To submit your music project, please use this link:

How can I pay safely?
– You can pay safely using four methods:
We prefer and suggest you use Apple Pay or PayPal methods as they are very comfortable, secure, and fast. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create a new free account here: [https://paypal.com](https://paypal.com). This way, it is very simple to associate your credit card with your PayPal account.

What’s the best resolution to visit this site?
– This website is optimized to work with almost all screen sizes and resolutions. On phone screens, you may see different item positions compared to tablet and desktop layouts.

Is your site secure enough?
– Yes. We use the HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate. Be sure to see a grey lock in the address bar of your browser when navigating this site.

If I buy a CD album, could I have access to MP3 too?
– Of course. If you buy the physical CD album, we grant you access to a digital download of that album (only MP3, not Hi-Res version). You have to log in to your account. Please, don’t share MP3 with other people.

How can I receive my download items after payment?
– You will receive a download link in the Complete Order email. Remember to pay for your order; otherwise, you will never receive any emails. If you encounter any problems with download links, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: customercare@toskyrecords.com

I receive Tosky Records email but I didn’t join, why?
– We offer the opportunity to send us your musical project (we show our submission email account on the About Page), but in return, if you send us your material to be submitted, we take your email to send updates about our website, offers, and concerts. Anyway, you can cancel at any time using the Cancel Button in the footer of our newsletter.

What are Hi-Res Albums? How can I purchase them?
– Do you want to listen to the original High Resolution 24-bit session audio without any digital downsampling? Now you can buy and immediately download your Hi-Res audio format. (Formats available: .wav 96.000Hz/24bit, 88.200Hz/24bit, 48.000Hz/24bit). Simply choose your desired format close to the Add to Cart button.
*Not all titles in the catalog are available in this format.

What different shipping methods could I choose? (only for physical albums)
– We have three different zones: Local Zone, EU Zone, Outside EU Zone. For each of these zones, we have two shipping methods:
– Express Shipping (it takes 48/72/96 hours depending on the zone)
– Standard Shipping (it takes 5 to 10 days)

I can’t download my digital album, it takes a lot of time.Why?
– No Panic. We use Amazon S3 platform and Google Cloud Platform to stock our digital catalog. Please use the RESUME button of your browser to retrieve your interrupted downloads.
*Due to the large amount of space needed by some kinds of digital items such as Hi-Res Albums, you may lose the connection during the download process. If you need assistance, please contact: customercare@toskyrecords.com

FAQ – Tosky Records Catalog and Projects

What type of music does Tosky Records specialize in?
– Tosky Records is a label that specializes in mainstream jazz, new expressions of jazz involving more electric and contemporary sounds, and sound libraries for music and SFX. They aim to bring high-value projects that push the boundaries of traditional jazz. Recently, they added a new publishing line called AI Duets.

What are some of the notable albums released by Tosky Records?
– Some notable albums include “Too Marvelous for Words” by Domenico Sanna Trio, “Moon and Sand” by Michel Rosciglione Trio, and “AI Duets” which involve a collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence. Also “The G-Session” by Luigi Masciari, Aaron Parks, and Roberto Giaquinto.

Can you tell me more about the “AI Duets” project by Tosky Records?
– “AI Duets” is an innovative project by Tosky Records where human creativity meets artificial intelligence to create new music. This series starts with the release of “Sunshine In My Head” by Sara Fioravanti, which features electronic pulses and ethereal sound textures.

What is the purpose of the sound libraries created by Tosky Records?
– The sound libraries are designed for use in video synchronization for cinema and TV shows, offering a rich catalog of sounds that can establish powerful communication through images and frames facilitated by varied soundscapes.

Who are some of the prominent artists associated with Tosky Records?
– The label features artists like Gianluca Lusi, Sara Fioravanti, Luigi Masciari, and groups such as the Paolo Profeti European Collective, showcasing their diverse talent across various jazz and modern music projects.

How does Tosky Records integrate AI technology into their music production?
– Tosky Records adopts artificial intelligence in a project called “AI Duets,” where they pair musicians with AI systems to create new music pieces. This approach allows blending human emotional depth with AI’s innovative sound generation capabilities.

What are the future projects planned by Tosky Records?
– Tosky Records plans to continue exploring music publishing with the fusion of jazz with modern sound elements and extend their AI music projects. They are committed to pioneering new soundscapes and collaborations that can redefine the music industry standards.

How does Tosky Records support emerging artists?
– Tosky Records supports emerging artists by offering a platform that not only releases their music but also involves them in innovative projects like AI collaborations. This helps the artists gain exposure and contribute to cutting-edge music production. We are a traditional label, our artists are our family, we encourage always our roster to produce their music, trying to collaborate with people from all over the world.

How can one purchase or listen to music from Tosky Records?
– Albums from Tosky Records can be purchased through various music distribution platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, and directly from their website. Many of their tracks are also available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

FAQs – Music Submission Process

What type of projects does Tosky Records specialize in?
– Tosky Records is an Italian brand that specializes in music production and publishing, focusing on Jazz music projects, experimental projects (Production Music & SFX), and AI-generated music.

How can artists submit their music projects to Tosky Records?
– Artists should submit their projects by filling out a provided Google form in the upper part of any pages of the website and can include links from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, or SoundCloud.

What types of links are acceptable for music project submissions to Tosky Records?
– Acceptable formats for submitting project links are Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and SoundCloud only.

Are there any formats or methods that should not be used for submitting projects to Tosky Records?
– Artists should not use WhatsApp, Messenger, or other messaging systems for sending music projects.

What is the expected feedback time for a music project submitted to Tosky Records?
– Tosky Records requires considerable time to review each project due to a queue and cannot always guarantee feedback. Artists are advised not to resubmit their projects to avoid cancellation.

What preferences does Tosky Records have regarding the type of music submitted?
– Tosky Records prefers original songs, and if the project includes reworkings of standards or already published songs, the ratio should be 70% new music to 30% published songs (maximum).

Should artists contact Tosky Records via phone regarding their submissions?
– Artists should NOT call Tosky Records regarding their music projects; doing so may result in the project being discarded.

What is expected from artists during the collaboration with Tosky Records?
– Artists need to make themselves available to the producer/publisher, follow the given guidelines, and ideally have a solid fan base to improve their visibility and sales potential.