Tosky Records is an Italian brand that deals with music production and publishing, specifically regarding Jazz music projects and experimental projects (Production Music & Sfx). Actually we’re opened also to accept Music Submissions for AI generated music. Starting a new publishing lines dedicated to a new era of music creation.
Dear Artists,
please read carefully this introduction before filling the Google form below.


– Please submit your project filling the form below
– We accept Google, Dropbox, YouTube and Soundcloud LINKS only
– DO NOT use WhatsApp, Messenger, or other messaging system to send us your project.


We need time (a lot) to listen to your project because we have a queue as you can imagine and cannot guarantee always a feedback. To avoid redundancy, please DO NOT resubmit your project or we will cancel your submission!


– As a publisher, we need to produce and promote new music, so we prefer original songs. On a musical project where there are reworkings of standards or already published songs, the ratio should be as follows: 70% new music, 30% published songs (maximum)
– DO NOT call, we are overwhelmed with work, in addition to disturbing, you risk having your project discarded.
Try to put yourself in our shoes, would you accept being called for every musical project?
– It is necessary for the artist to make themselves available to the producer/publisher and follow the guidelines provided. We are here to improve your visibility and secondly to sell, and this is easier if you already have a solid fan base.
Thank you for your interest and attention, good luck!
If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Tosky Records Staff

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