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Paolo Profeti began studying the saxophone at age 13 after being mesmerized by John Coltrane on the album “Interstellar Space”. At 15, after a live concert by Oliver Lake, he felt an even stronger call towards music. Over the years, he graduated with top honors from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, under the guidance of Daniele Comoglio and Tino Tracanna. He also completed his studies at the International Music Academy in Milan, studying with Mauro Negri and Giulio Visibelli. Additionally, he participated in a Masterclass at the CMDL (Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood) near Paris and attended workshops and seminars with Jesse Davis, Rosario Giuliani, Billy Harper, Gaetano Partipilo, and Jean Charles Richard. Over time, he added the flute as a complementary instrument and showed a penchant for composition and arrangement for small ensembles.

For years, he played in the Civica Jazz Band led by Enrico Intra, collaborated with Tony Arco’s Time Percussion, and with the Contemporary Ensemble directed by Giovanni Falzone. He also played in Ferdinando Faraò’s Artchipel Orchestra, recording two albums: “Never Odd Or Even” and “Artchipel Plays Soft Machine”.
His collaborations include working with Camilla Battaglia, Daniele Cavallanti, Alessandro D’Anna, Owen Hart Jr, Borislav Petrov, Roberto Pistolesi, Mike Roelofs, Nicolas Simion, Mircea Tiberian, Attilio Zanchi, and many more.
In 2013, he moved to Bucharest, Romania. He is currently the lead alto and section leader of the Romanian National Radio Big Band and an associate professor at the Jazz Department of the Bucharest Conservatory. With the orchestra, he has recorded several albums, including “Wind Dance” (2023) featuring Alex Sipiagin, Misha Tsiganov, Makar Novikov, and Sasha Mashin.
With the European Collective, he has previously released 2 albums, “Waiting for Bucharest” (2015, Fiver House Records) and “Glide” (2019, UR Records). Moreover, with his group, he has performed concerts in Italy, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Norway, and Finland. As a sideman, he has appeared on over 10 albums.

Current Focus: Paolo Profeti European Collective

His central project is the Paolo Profeti European Collective, a cross-border contemporary jazz group performing his original compositions. This ensemble brings together talented Italian collaborators and outstanding Romanian musicians. Their debut album, “Waiting for Bucharest,” was released in 2015. Their latest offering, “Glide,” seamlessly blends jazz with progressive and electronic elements, released in January 2024 by the Italian label UR Records.

This revised text transforms the original narrative from the first person to the third person singular, providing a comprehensive overview of Paolo Profeti’s impressive career and artistic journey.