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Paolo Profeti European Collective Unveils “Healing Dance” Ahead of “Peer Out” Album Release

New releases are coming soon: “Healing Dance” and “Peer Out” Single/Album Release The jazz scene [...]

Music Industry and Sustainability: Listening Data and Environmental Impact of CD Printing

Music Industry and Sustainability:Impact of CD Production and waste CD production Impact of CD Production [...]

Be part of our pioneering new AI music catalog!

A New Frontier for Jazz and Production Music Tosky Records is looking for groundbreaking jazz [...]

Upcoming Live Concerts: Gianluca Lusi’s Trio brings ‘GONE’ to Life

“Gone” Upcoming Live Concerts:the acclaimed album from Gianluca Lusi, Simone Zanchini, and Luigi Masciari, live. [...]

New Music Submission Feature Now Available on Tosky Records Website!

Music Submission Feature Dear friends of Tosky Records, We are pleased to announce that you [...]

Happy New Year /// 2023 news

Dear 2023 you’re welcome! 🎉🎉 Some good intentions, wishing you new adventures in music. First [...]

Boz Trio announces the new single “Hora Staccato”

NEW SINGLE – COMING SOON – Boz Trio announces ‘HORA STACCATO’ ● OUT DEC 2 [...]

New Album “GONE” released.

New Album “GONE” just released. Gianluca Lusi, Simone Zanchini, Luigi Masciari. Tosky Records releases the [...]

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