NEW RELEASE “Virgo Supercluster” Martino Vercesi

Virgo Supercluster

NEW RELEASE “Virgo Supercluster” Martino Vercesi


Martino Vercesi (guitar)
Luca Dell’Anna (hammond organ)
Sandro Cerino (saxes, bass clarinet & flute)
Tony Arco (drums)

EAN/UPC:  191061333791

“Virgo Supercluster” is the fourth album of the guitarist Martino Vercesi. Virgo is the name of the supercluster where our solar system is located, where we live. The peculiar sound of quartet due to several reeds and rhythm section battery / hammond organ give a powerful color and a strong identity to this imaginary journey through time and space.

Produced & Published by Tosky Records® (2017)
Recorded in November 15,18,21, 2016 at Advice Music Studio (Milan)
Sound engineer : Alberto Boi
Mixed by Francesco Cego at Frigostudio (Milan) – Mastering by Matteo Ravelli
Cover art: Lucia Fonti – Digipack design: Tosky Factory
Booklet photo and video: Vale Ghiro, Walter Miglio, Fabiana Toppia Nervi

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