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Dear 2023 you’re welcome! 🎉🎉 Some good intentions, wishing you new adventures in music.

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MAJOR NEWS in 2023


We would like to thank you for the support and love for the music we still trying to produce, We are grateful for the support you have given us over these 12 years. We continue to produce the music that we like and that you like. Let us know what you would like to hear, let us know your preferences, our audience is you, lovers of good music.


Our primary objective remains that of producing new super selected quality music, providing access to liquid music without any geographical location limits. This is why we are favoring digital formats for online sales and streaming, abandoning physical media and the resulting delays in shipments.


The project is the migration of the current https://toskyrecords.com store to a portal that facilitates listening to new publications and the purchase in a few steps for the user, and the possibility of uploading your publication proposals directly in a reserved area on our platform, favoring and facilitating and standardizing the preparation of the submitted materials in chronological order. In the meantime we will send a communication to all our subscribers about correct procedures for any project submission.


we are certain that the adoption of NFT collections can only be good for the value and works of our artists, adding a new system in line with the times that involves transactions in cryptocurrencies. The new portal will give the possibility to purchase the NFT directly from our store. This new way of enjoying works of art in a more or less exclusive way reinvigorates the value of music and the work of artists and music producers. It will takes some time we know, but you’re will be satisfied for sure.

NEW ALBUM RELEASE New publication: PASTIS / Boz Trio (Jan 13rd 2023)

Happy to announce the resumption of publications for the Music Production line dedicated to audio video synchronization music. The Pastis album by Boz Trio, young musicians from Milan, that will be released in January 13rd, is a tribute to traditional Yiddish and Eastern European music. A little gem, 10 published songs of absolute beauty in this historical research. STAY UPDATED

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