Be part of our pioneering new AI music catalog!

Image of a new music world by AI

Be part of our pioneering new AI music catalog!

A New Frontier for Jazz and Production Music

Tosky Records is looking for groundbreaking jazz and production music created with artificial intelligence. We are seeking musicians, producers, and technologists to collaborate on new ways of making music. This is a chance to push creative boundaries and explore uncharted territory in music production. Tosky wants to launch a new publishing line featuring AI-generated compositions mixed with human artistry.

Tosky Records: Explore new musical horizons through the collaboration between human art and music generation via artificial intelligence.

Human-AI Collaboration: The Future of Music

AI tools can generate raw material for human artists to refine and perfect. By combining human artistry with AI, we can achieve unprecedented creativity in music production.

AI Music Production

Use AI to generate unique melodies and harmonies Experiment with AI-generated beats and rhythms and mixed it with your composition.

Submit Your Track

Send your finished track to Tosky Records for a music project submission. Get feedback and support, be part of this new publishing line.

Shape the Future

Showcase the creative potential of AI Inspire others to explore AI music creation. How can this technology improve the way you write songs?

Join the Tosky Records Catalog

Looking for artists open to new frontiers of music creation. Submit your compositions blending AI and human artistry Be part of our mission to explore AI’s creative potential. Get your music released by our jazz label Tosky Records. Join our mailing list and stay up to date!

Be part of our pioneering new AI music catalog!

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