Sara Fioravanti and Tosky Records Explore the Frontier of Generative Audio with ‘Sunshine In My Head’ new ambient single


As the dawn breaks on a new era in the confluence of music and technology, Tosky Records takes a visionary step with the release of “Sunshine In My Head” the ambient single that resonates with the idea of innovation at its core. We are thrilled to present to you an auditory journey that transcends the ordinary, crafted by the ingenious Italian composer and sound engineer, Sara Fioravanti.

Understanding Generative Audio

Generative audio is a remarkable concept that we at Tosky Records have been keen to explore. It is where the artistry of human musicianship meets the precision of artificial intelligence to create an ever-evolving soundscape. The single “Sunshine In My Head” is not just music; it’s an experience, shaped by the use of AI to offer a unique listening encounter with every play.

A Passage Through Serenity

Sara Fioravanti’s “Sunshine In My Head” is a sublime testament to the tranquility that can be crafted through sound. This composition invites listeners to immerse themselves in an ambience where synthetic textures entwine with natural rhythms, creating a seamless tapestry of calm.

We believe in the power of music as a universal language, one that is now being expanded by the limitless possibilities of AI. “Sunshine In My Head” will be available across all major streaming platforms on April 12th 2024, bringing to you not just a song but a slice of the future.

A New Publishing Line

With Sara we launch “AI Duets” an innovative editorial line where human creativity and artificial intelligence converge to redefine music. Our inaugural single marks the beginning of an era where melodies are not just heard, but felt in a symphony of collaboration. Discover the future of sound with “AI Duets” – orchestrating a new harmony between the composer’s spirit and the algorithm’s edge. We invite you to explore this innovative release and to stay tuned to Tosky Records for more pioneering adventures in the soundscape of tomorrow. And please don’t forget to comment this experiment, your feedbacks will be appreciated to build and rebuild the birth if this new publishing line.

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